Gazebo - Masterpiece cover

40 years old!

Hard to believe it all started that day after a trip in London, I was really enthused by the New Wave sound of bands like Ultravox, Human League, Japan etc..

I called my friend and songwriting mate Pierluigi Giombini who was in the army at the time, he had a day off and we met at his place.

We did some stuff together as teenagers when Prog was around and then eventually cooperated on some disco music projects with DJ Paolo Micioni.

He had a tune (the verse basically) and I had seen “Sunset Boulevard” at the Pasquino (only movie theatre in Rome where you could see the movies with the original dialogs) the night before, so I was still in that strange “noir” mood Billy Wilder created.

We sat at the piano and after some brainstorming over making an exploding chorus, while the notes came out so did the word “masterpiece” and it sounded just perfect.

A screenplay with a strange finale scrolled though my mind and I wrote the lyrics right away, we recorded the song on a 4 track tape machine, mixed it and off we were, Pierluigi back to the barracks and me with a demo on cassette ready to proudly take it around.

Unfortunately no label in Italy was interested and after a few months of disappointments I called Paolo Micioni and asked if he could (as a DJ) give some advice.

Not only he was into giving some advice but he proposed to actually produce the song and although the budget was close to zero and no money was ever mentioned we gladly agreed to record it.

We happened to find a Linndrum at the GROP studio and with only 14 tracks (the 16 track machine had 2 tracks out of order) left and only two outboard effects at our disposal we somehow managed to got the job done.

It sounded New Wave!

Danceable in the new romantic Blitz club mood (Visage, Duran and Spandau Ballet were just about to explode) and we were enthused.

A white label was released to have feedback from deejays and radio people, no one understood it was an Italian production se we decided not to use my name and I came out with the word Gazebo (that I used in the lyrics of the song). I didn’t know it would be my stage name for a whole career!

The 12” version released by Discotto (a wholesaler in Milan) was a hit in all the club charts in Italy and Europe and the radios started playing it too although it was over 10 minutes long!

Then one day as I was looking for a real label willing to invest on promotion, Freddy Naggiar from Baby Records (who at the time was the number one indie label in Italy) called, offered to sign me as an artist and boosted on TV and radios.

The track was one of the greatest hits in Italy during summer 1982 along with Falco’s “Der Komissar”, it’s considered to be the first “italo disco” track ever and it opened the doors to “I Like Chopin” but that’s another story 😉

Masterpiece 2022

Special gift for my fans, the original 1982 demo!