Gazebo - Rolling Stone magazine interview

Rolling Stone magazine

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He calls himself a failed guitarist and a singer by chance. He is Paul Mazzolini, but all like last year as Gazebo, counted among the stars of the ’80s Italo disco thanks to the hits Masterpiece and I Like Chopin, which the year he published in a Coronaversion thanks to doctors and health professionals on the front line for the health emergency from Covid-19. He also participated in a project, linked to the explorer Giovanni Battista Belzoni, which started from Marco Zatterin’s book The Giant of the Nile and continued with the album Banda Belzoni and the EP En Voyage. “Zatterin, who was my drummer in a progressive band in the late ’70s, called me to do a rock opera on the book he had written. I had never sung in Italian ».